Transform emails into Google Forms™ responses using AI


Autofill Google Forms™

Converts emails into responses in Google Forms™. Now, your users can send you an email, and Autofill form will automatically fill out their forms and send them a confirmation email with the details before submitting it. If you want to improve its accuracy, you can export the form responses to Google Sheets™ and train its AI algorithm. Additionally, you can use it as an API in other applications beyond Google Forms™.

For Sales

In the sales department, Autofill form's feature becomes an invaluable asset for capturing and managing leads. When potential customers send inquiries via email, their information is automatically populated into a form, ensuring all details are retained and organized. This enables sales teams to quickly follow up with personalized responses and proposals, accelerating the sales cycle.

For Support

For customer support teams, this feature simplifies the process of ticket creation and management. Incoming support requests sent to designated email aliases are converted into Google Forms™ responses, creating tickets automatically. This not only facilitates a faster response to customer issues but also ensures that all communications are logged and confirmations are sent to customers, enhancing transparency and trust.